Why guns should not be banned

The gun is innocent, so to speak, and can be used both for bad and for good. And as it is, gun possession is part of the constitution. Why do you need a fully automated weapon to kill a so-called "intruder"? All there is to do? The collective hand-wringing of thousands who are up-in-arms demanding Obama introduce serious gun legislation in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

They shoot up places where they know there will be no resistance. The Connecticut massacre is undeniably tragic but what it has disturbingly revealed is that people are only outraged because it was not sanctioned by the state.

We are not explicitly supporting one side of the argument. In Nazi Germany, pre-Holocaust, gun laws were introduced which banned Jewish people from the manufacture or ownership of firearms and ammunition.

A time when the "police" were not so wide spread as it is today. Guns get handed down through generations and are symbols of patriarchy.

An American needs to be able and has the right to self-defense. They had in mind that the fragile new state was still vulnerable to attacks from England.

It is those people that do so, that need to be stopped.

Why Shouldn't Guns Be Banned?

Our country was founded on the right to be free from tyranny. Prohibition; in whatever form, does not work.

In World War II, veterans brought home guns as trophies. We must get rid of guns because a deranged lunatic may go on a shooting spree at any time and anyone who would own a gun out of fear of such a lunatic is paranoid.

The third and final reason a gun ban would be detrimental to the U. Share this article on: Homes that have guns are much safer then homes without. The National Guard, federally funded, with bases on federal land, using federally-owned weapons, vehicles, buildings and uniforms, punishing trespassers under federal law, is a "state" militia.

If you take the gun away from an American you belittle him the way European socialist governments belittle their citizens.

The gun has never left America and some are proud of that while others lament the results: Ever since the first people came to America, guns have been a huge part of their lives.

This way, common citizens like you and me can come to the aid of people involved in a potentially violent situation or even ward off dangerous gunmen. He even recommended they buy swords Luke Their resistance to gun control is well founded. Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, Arizona, inevery public shooting since in the U.There are many arguments against banning guns, including claims that there are already too many guns in the U.S., that reducing gun ownership would not reduce violence and that criminals and mass shooters may still acquire guns if they are illegal.

Many proponents, such as The Clause, argue that. Ten Really Good Reasons to Ban Guns. This is way too high. All guns should be banned 3. Guns are unnecessary. In 98% of civilian gun defenses, no shot is fired. If you are not going to fire a shot, you clearly don't need a gun.

This proves that the guns are unnecessary. Banning guns will prevent these unnecessary defenses. Private Gun Ownership Should NOT be Banned Essay - Would you choose to own a gun if your life depended on it.

Why Guns Should not be Banned

America has defended itself with guns since December 13. 40 Reasons to Ban Guns. 40 Reasons To Ban Guns. Arguments Made By Liberal Lawmakers. 1. Banning guns works, which is why New York, DC, Detroit & Chicago cops need guns. 2. Washington DC 's low murder rate of 69 peris due to strict gun control, and Indianapolis ' high murder rate of 9 peris due to the lack of gun control.

Why Handguns Should Not Be Banned The first thought that comes to mind when most people think of “handguns” is death. A handgun is described as a firearm that can be held with one hand, such as a revolver or a pistol.

Why the US Should Not Ban Guns

Why the US Should Not Ban Guns. In Nazi Germany, pre-Holocaust, gun laws were introduced which banned Jewish people from the manufacture or ownership of firearms and ammunition.

Why guns should not be banned
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