Transformational leadership theory essay

Transactional leaders are those who lead through social exchange. The meeting conducts in a casual way and not in formal manner. Through inspirational motivation, the transformational leader inspires subordinates to "try harder" for the benefit of the organisation Kelloway and Barling,p.

Several other studies have arrived at similar conclusions on the validity of the relationship between transformational leadership and employee motivation.

The leader provides vision and a sense of mission, instils, pride, gains respect, trust and increases optimism. There is no study that addressed transformational leadership with regard to service quality. Also, individual considerations and the supportive attitude demonstrated by transformational leadersresults in decreased turnovers and increased job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

Inthe same way, transactional business leaders offer financial rewards for productivity or deny rewards for lack of productivity. Journal of Economics, 2 6. This can be Transformational leadership theory essay of his derailments. After setting up his vision, he manages to plan on how to make sure he will succeed.

Even though, there are minority shareholders, Syed Mokhtar should get their concerned when make decision on company money. It is the creative practices of the workforce that result in organizational success.

To be a good leader, we must maintain four elements of skill which is plan, organize, lead and control. When we talk about how he plan in doing business, he adopt the 4 main skills which world class leader hold.

Another ways to show Syed Mokhtar integrity is on how he is still keeping his share which he bought by using the Bumiputra quota regulated by the Government under New Economic Policy. Syed Mokhtar always feels that he is responsible for the survival of his company as there are too many people depending on it.

In addition, this type of leader encourages his followers to use new approaches and methods in order to challenge the status quo and to achieve success. From a subordinate development point of view, the intellectual stimulation dimension of transformational leadership in particular has been associated with challenging subordinates to be creative, think critically and independently and find novel ways of solving problems while seeking a wide range of opinions before deciding upon solutions Bass, When he want to venture in cocoa supplier with China, he plan on how he should attend the Cantoon Trade Fair and then how to make sure he manage to get the supplier of the cocoa.

However, there seems to be a gender imbalance on leadership positions.

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But in this case, Syed Mokhtar uses his intuition. This is what transformational leadership adds to the transactional exchange. The labour provided was cheap, and both leaders regarded the imprisonments and deaths as deserved.

Transformational leadership

Such a leader excites and inspires subordinates. Would you rather drive miles or take a plane in less time and for less money? Generally, such leaders leave behind a legacy of destruction, as opposed to a stronger community to build future success. When his early involvement in property development, every day he will go to the site to ensure that the development progress is on schedule.

Transformational Leadership Essays (Examples)

Research on transformational leadership and related charismatic approaches has grown exponentially. Further, individualized consideration has been viewed as a vehicle for developing subordinates confidence to tackle problems Bass, It is said, that Syed Mokhtar always comes home late to wait his lorry come and go without any problems.

One of the examples is, he did not value precisely his ability to involve in property development before h enters the industry. This is how he organizes as to make sure he can fulfill his vision. InBernard Bass articulated the transformational and transactional approach and initiated mass research on the topic, which is continuing still today.

He has to think global and not just concentrate on local.

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There is belief in the social responsibility of the leader and the organization.Biography We will write a custom essay sample on Transformational leadership or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhary, or better known as Syed Mokhtar was born in at Jalan Day, Alor Setar.

Syed Mokhtar was raised from a poor family consisted of 5 [ ]. Transformational leadership theory is all about leadership that creates positive change in the followers whereby they take care of each other's interests and act in the interests of the group as a whole (Warrilow, ).

Number of Leadership theories evolved on the basis of Trait, Behavioral, Transformational, Situational, Charisma. Researchers and thinkers made efforts linking some of the theories across these leadership islands.

But each model has its own pros, cons, assumptions & limitations. Leadership Theories: Transformational Leadership - Communication is important because the group needs a clear goal and also they need to have shared objectives.

For example, in football a defense needs to be on the same page; if two players on the defense are on different pages then the defense will not be successful. Components of Transformational Leadership Theory Essay Words | 4 Pages. Transformational leadership theory conceptualized in the late ’s, proposed that leaders could motivate followers through shared vision and mutual interest to uplift the entire organization to a higher morality (Burns, ).

Transformational Leadership – Essay Sample Transformational leadership is the leadership approach that creates positive and valuable change in the followers. It is a leadership style that leads to changes that are positive to the followers.

Transformational leadership theory essay
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