The major accomplishments and challenges in america

President Obama take note: The military was diminished during the Carter years, but Reagan reversed that by rebuilding the armed forces.

Those efforts ensured that America remained a military superpower. Those efforts were critical in the ultimate collapse of the Soviet empire and essentially ended the Cold War. The program encouraged the spirit of service and tapped into the idealism of the younger generation.

His free-market, small-government, pro-liberty conservatism helped to revitalize the GOP and his influence resonates today as conservative candidates still invoke Reagan as their standard-bearer.

He was relentless in pushing his Strategic Defense Initiative and gave aid to rebels battling Soviet-backed Marxists from Nicaragua to Angola. And just last week, the world came together at the Paris COP21 climate talks to reach a historic deal with ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Bipartisan budget and education deals In an era where partisan bickering in Washington has reached a fever pitch, the president chose to highlight two bipartisan legislative achievements.

After days of deliberation, on Oct. In the face of a major crisis, Kennedy showed firmness and resolve, and emerged as both a national and global hero.

While his presidency lasted only 34 months, his political accomplishments helped cement his legacy as a great president.

Established the Peace Corps In MarchKennedy established the Peace Corpsa volunteer program that sends young Americans to countries abroad in an effort to promote world peace and friendship. Since its inception, overPeace Corps volunteers have served in countries working on issues ranging from AIDS education to economic development.

The president touted the accord in his Saturday video, saying "We succeeded in forging a strong deal to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Of the Paris accord, the president said, "it was only possible because America led with clean energy here at home and strong diplomacy around the world.

Obama's top 10 accomplishments -- according to Obama

Obama said in his video. Kennedy proved that he could, and became the first and only Catholic president in American history. The Republican Party was at its nadir after Watergate, but Reagan was able to form a winning coalition of fiscal conservatives, family-values voters, blue-collar Reagan Democrats and neo-conservative intellectuals and set the stage for future GOP electoral gains.

In June, the Supreme Court even upheld a major part of the Obamacare legislation, ruling in a decision that the federal government can give out subsidies to its consumers in all states, no matter whether they signed up through the federal or state-based exchange.

International agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Iran nuclear deal feature prominently on the list. Reagan gave voice to the values that had served America well—thrift, patriotism, and hard work—and often recounted the wisdom of the Founding Fathers.

He also championed the causes of the pro-life and family-values movements that sought to counter the societal upheavals of the s and s. Obama also cited the latest unemployment rate figures -- in October, it fell to 5 percent and has remained at that level since -- as proof of a strong economy.

Take a look at what the president believes "should make every American optimistic about ": As the youngest man ever to be elected president at the age of 43, Kennedy represented a new future and hope for the nation. Emphasized Public Service Kennedy urged and inspired Americans to participate in public service.

And in the months after, despite staunch Republican objection, the deal survived a vote in Congress. If there is room for a couple more presidents to join Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt up on Mount Rushmore, Kennedy deserves to be included.

Iran nuclear deal In July, six world powers, including the United States, struck a landmark nuclear deal with Iran. In his Saturday video, the president called the Trans-Pacific Partnership the "strongest, most pro-worker, pro-environment trade agreement in our history.

Since the momentous occasion, the administration has taken further steps to make it easier to travel to and do business in Cuba. Early in his administration, members of the federal air traffic controllers union PATCO went on strike, violating a federal regulation. Revitalizing the GOP and the conservative movement: He pointed to a sweeping education overhaul of No Child Left Behind and a budget deal that avoided the threat of a government shutdown, calling them "a pair of Christmas miracles in Washington.

The successful use of Patriot missile batteries in the first Gulf War proved the critics wrong, and the missile defense system that ensued has lessened the threat of ballistic missiles. Not only did he cut tax rates, but the Tax Reform Act of simplified the income-tax code by eliminating many tax shelters, reducing the number of deductions and tax brackets.

Ending the Cold War: Under Reaganomics, 16 million new jobs were created. Kennedy considered a U. Prevented Nuclear Armageddon After a failed U.Bank of America’s results showed the nation’s second-largest lender by assets relying on cost cutting to offset the punishing impact of low.

Cataloging-in-Publication data provided by the Inter-American Development Bank Felipe Herrera Library Millán, Jaime. Power sector reform in Latin America: accomplishments, failures and challenges / Jaime Millán. JFK's Top 5 Political Accomplishments. By America’s First Catholic President.

On Sept. 12,in perhaps one of the major events that helped solidify Kennedy's presidential victory. 10 Great American Achievements By Major Dan July 16, 9 Comments.

Bank of America Results Highlight Challenges

and invite you to let us know what other American accomplishments we should have listed. (America bashers beware! This list is by definition US-centric.) Digging Deeper. Ending the Cold War at long last, battering inflation and unemployment, maintaining the U.S.

as a military superpower, and giving voice to family values and infectious optimism are just a few of one of our greatest President's accomplishments.

Despite numerous Republican threats and challenges to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the president's landmark health bill survived In June, the Supreme Court even upheld a major part of the Founded: Sep 18,

The major accomplishments and challenges in america
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