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The project should have relevance to the development and future career of the applicant. Please do not include your name within the body of the essay or abstract. Please note that we will ask all shortlisted candidates to include a short video no longer than 5 minutes in their presentation.

This should not merely be an abstract: Training grade doctors, young scientists and medical students not above Specialist Registrar, Grade B Clinical Scientist or equivalent grade with an immunological or allergy component of their clinical research.

Essays should be between 3, - 5, words and the standard should be comparable to a third year dissertation. Sunday 7 January Meeting date: This should not merely be an abstract: Abstracts should be no more than words.

Please ensure your entry is anonymous - i. Monday 18 September Meeting date: An overall winner will be decided on the night taking into account the judges, and audience opinions. Please see below for the different categories: Student essay prize Submission deadline: Posters accepted should be printed on A1 size for presentation on the meeting date.

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Applicants must have played an important part in the relevant research and must have personally written the essay for submission.

Abstracts not exceeding words should be submitted with an immunology and allergy element along with a supporting letter from a supervisor.

Medical Student Prizes

Submissions will be shortlisted for oral presentation at a Section meeting. Tuesday 29 May Meeting date: Monday 2 April Prize: Tuesday 26 June Prize: Preliminary short-listing of the essays will be performed on the basis of these summaries. Medical students and trainees Medical students and trainees are invited to submit an abstract of no more than words on either a literature review or case study on urticaria.

Pre-clinical, clinical medical and dental students. Sunday 10 December Prize: Please note that we will ask all shortlisted candidates to include a short video no longer than 5 minutes in their presentation. The abstracts should be clearly structured and should include the title of the poster; the presenting authors name, any other authors and their professional role and affiliation.

Monday 26 February Prize: For further information, contact: Clinical cases or pedigrees should demonstrate novel clinical findings, illustrate classic conditions in new or unusual ways, and illuminate or expand knowledge concerning physiology, cell biology, genetics, radiology, or molecular mechanisms.

For more information, contact: Posters should be submitted a month in advance of the meeting and the winner will be announced at the meeting. Pre-clinical, clinical medical and dental students. Shortlisted candidates will be asked to give an oral presentation.

Undergraduate Essay Prize

Wednesday 4 April Prize: Please note in order to be awarded the prize the successful candidate must be present at the event. Norah Schuster Essay prize Submission deadline: The submission should not exceed words, but there is no minimum word count. How can HCPs help prevent and challenge child sexual abuse?

Please note that you must be a medical or dental undergraduate. Sunday 1 April Meeting date: Monday 8 June Meeting date: All medical students at recognised teaching institutions within UK The essay may describe original research, audit or a case report and has no set word limit.

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Tuesday 23 October Prizes:Awards, grants & prizes The RCOG offers a range of awards, grants and prizes to our members, foundation doctors and medical students.

This section of the site provides information about all of our prizes. Royal Society of Medicine prestigious student prizes, including Elective bursaries. The Royal Society of Medicine is seeking submissions for its student prizes, including Elective bursaries.

RSM Anaesthesia Section - Student essay prize. Submission deadline: Sunday 1 April Meeting date: Friday 1 June Like driving a car, essay writing is a skill for life. You need good essay skills for some Royal College membership examinations, higher degrees, and, perhaps most significantly in the days of student hardship, to win prizes.


Undergraduate Prize. Background. work undertaken since entering medical school and not as part of any previous degree project such as a graduate entry student who may have participated in prior neuroscience research. 3) We are keen to encourage as wide a possible range of projects including special studies modules and electives abroad.

Medical student annual prizes Recruitment and Careers team It's a great opportunity for students to network with professionals within the specialty, demonstrate a commitment to their own career development and expand their portfolio.

ENT UK Undergraduate Essay Prizes. the results of a multiple choice exam was rejected in favour of an essay competition for undergraduates and the first Undergraduate Essay Prize was awarded in for an essay entitled "The Social Handicap of Deafness" and the prize continues to be awarded annually to a clinical medical student.

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Rsm student essay prizes
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