Projected election results

2020 Presidential Election Map

I hope you enjoy perusing the polls for the races you are most interested in. But, in truth, smart money is on the business mogul and reality TV star to win the right to face the Democratic nominee in November. Unless Trump finds a way to flip a bunch of states, she will be the next president of the United States.

Take a look around. And history bears out the accuracy of my methodology. Donald Trump is projected to win only Iowa among the states carried by President Obama in As the election nears, my numbers become more predictive in nature.

Currently, candidates from both parties are jockeying for electoral advantage as we near the first primary election contest, the Iowa Caucuses, on February 1, Judging from his persona, such an about face seems highly unlikely to me.

These three takeovers move the projected EV tally to for Clinton and for Trump. Will the race tighten up once we get past the conventions? The general election begins - Clinton vs.


The Race for the White House, edition, does not feature an incumbent. In poll after poll, Hillary is beating Trump soundly on the national stage and even winning in states that should be Republican. His performance in the last pre-New Hampshire debate derailed that momentum. One thing they say loud and clear is that Donald Trump is as unliked as any nominee from any party in our lifetimes.

Each day, I use national and state polls to calculate a projected winner. Presidential Election Overview December 15, President Barack Obama is in the evening of his eight-year presidency.

Clinton became the matchup-apparent, still holds a commanding lead in the Electoral College. But head-to-head battles aside, Donald Trump has a lot of fences to mend if he hopes to earn the vote of a majority of Americans. I am staunchly conservative in ideology, but I am just as staunchly objective when it comes to calculating election winners.

Spring Update - Is there a landslide coming? The Iowa caucuses displayed once again the power of the ground game in the Hawkeye State. Still, the passing of Labor Day remains a significant milestone of the election season.

Be sure to come back often for a quick summary glance at which candidate has the upper hand. Through the years, whether a red wave was on the horizon or a blue year was in the offing, EP has earned a reputation of telling it like it is. Donald Trump is the man of the hour, though. The current EP Poll Average has her up Update: Stacey Abrams is projected to win the Democratic primary.

Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp will head to a runoff in the Republican primary.

2016 Election Forecast

Republican Gov. Nathan Deal is term-limited, so both. An epic general election battle shaping up in a key battleground state; recap of primaries in Arizona, Florida and Oklahoma Overview and Live Results: Arizona, Florida and Oklahoma It's the final big primary day of with plenty of big races in two Sunbelt states.

Crystal Ball Electoral College Ratings. This was the final projection for the election from Larry Sabato and the team at the University of Virginia Center for this map as a starting point to create and share your own presidential election forecast.

View the latest midterm election news, key House and Senate races and polls. Election Projection is once again tracking the presidential election throughout the primary season, during the national conventions and into the fall when interest will build to a crescendo in advance of Election.

Welcome to Election Projection Since lateElection Projection has been in the business of projecting the upcoming elections. Here you’ll find data-driven calculations that gauge the status of all Senate, House and gubernatorial elections on tap for

Projected election results
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