Marketing parker pen strategy

The market at that time was dominated by ballpoint pens especially Jotter pens. The brand still is one of the oldest and largest selling pen in that segment I do not have figures. That included the The pen was lot smoother and the micro-tip gave a new freshness to the writing.

The brand is a highly functional, reliable and quality writing instrument. Then LWIL decided to shed the premium image to play the volume game. While the premium segment is dominated by super expensive brands like Mont BlancCartier etc, the economy segment is dominated by local players.

There are other players like ADD Gel which carved a niche in this crowded market with their Gel pens. All the competitors have achieved parity with Pilot interms of technology.

Estimated balance sheet, estimated income statement, estimated cash flow Features PowerPoint Version: It is something that all Pilot users will vouch for. Thursday, January 12, Parker: Business development plans, organization and recruitment plans — Marketing Plans: At one point of time, Pilot was endorsed by the actor Shekhar Suman.

According to reports, the brand has been focusing more on below-the line promotions. Saturday, July 12, Pilot: Luxor has launched a series of new pens under the brand Pilot. The high profile entry of Add Gel Pens also sidelined this brand.

As one of my colleague after buying a Parker Beta commented " Parker has become Cheap". The pens became aspirational for most of the students.

The pen could also be refilled. Earlier Parker was priced above Rs Lowe Brand Analysis Count: But still Pilot holds a unique position in the mind of the consumers.

Soon consumers had a lot of choice.

Big B to certain extent salvage the pride of Parker. Luxor also focused more on its other brand Parker. He along with hid friend Masao Wada established Namiki manufacturing co in Now Gel pen market is worth around crore.

Pilot was a pen which had ink but it was not messy compared to a fountain pen. Parker pens have a rich heritage. The same style, same smoothness and same quality. The brand was also promoted heavily by Luxor.

Pen PPT Strategy

Then came the Pilot 05 Hightech point. All the action is in the middle segment which consists of College students, Executives Businessmen etc.Parker pen co 1. Parker Pen Co.

International Marketing What changes if any, would you make in Parker’s marketing strategy? • Keeping only High end products to keep loyalty untouched • Adopting global marketing strategy with lack of rigidity and required customization • Continuing with the previous decentralized strategy with.

About Background Presentation Strategy This ‘Pen PPT Strategy’ is a PowerPoint template containing standard table of contents suitable for business plans. The basic and standard table of contents included in the template will help you with making effective business plans PowerPoint and draw great outcome.

PARKER PEN Parker Pen Introduction In the given paper, the international marketing strategy used by Parker Pen Company is being researched. Parker Pen is a global company which sells products to over countries worldwide.

Marketing strategy is defined by Prophet's David Aaker as a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its resources on the optimal opportunities with the goals of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

Jul 12,  · Luxor also focused more on its other brand Parker. Hence in the media also, Pilot was not active. Marketing Strategy: Branding Basics for Small Business. Pilot: The World's Most Reliable Pen; Marketing QA: Product line extension and Brand Ex Meera: Healthy Hair for Years.

Marketing Project on Market Strategies of Ball Pens/Gel Pens

Marketing Strategy- Ball Point Pen. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The parker is the main player in of the ball pen industry in India with capturing the 64% of market share and after that cello with the share of 26% the today’s and add jell is capturing 6%.

Other brands capture 4% share of the market.

Marketing parker pen strategy
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