Mandatory testing

Facilities providing HTC should have codes of conduct for providers and systems in place for redress for patients whose rights are infringed.

Results must be communicated to the person tested unless that person refuses the results. Furthermore there is no evidence which shows that mandatory testing will result in behavioral changes. A human rights-based approach to HTC must be ensured. Testing services must be confidential, meaning that the content of discussions between the person tested and the health-care worker, testing provider, or counsellor, as well as the test results, will not be disclosed to anyone else without the consent of the person tested.

Mandatory Testing

Chipirilo Limange Secondary school student Mandatory HIV testing will prove to be counter-productive because it violates privacy of the concerned person and also stigmatizes the entire family.

Some people are not honest enough to disclose their HIV status. There should be no compulsory or mandatory testing of members of key populations at higher risk of HIV infection and other vulnerable populations, including pregnant women, people who inject drugs and their sexual partners, men who have sex with men, sex workers, prisoners, migrants, refugees and internally displaced persons, and transgender people.

Thokozani Chitseko businessman I think the government is right. In these regions, employers may demand proof of HIV tests before they will hire someone, and they may choose to exclude candidates on the basis of disease status.

Some of the more sinister types of mandatory HIV testing occur in regions where people who are HIV positive are not allowed to immigrate, or in countries where discrimination against people with HIV testing is legal. The same legislation also criminalizes what it calls deliberate transmission of HIV to other people.

This, in turn, can contribute to early Mandatory testing in treatment, care, prevention, and other follow-up services as needed. With an estimated one million Malawians currently living with virus that causes AIDS, one of the biggest challenges our nation is facing is that of stopping the spread of HIV.

Mandatory HIV testing is required in some areas for people who want to get a marriage license, along with testing for certain other Mandatory testing.

Statement on HIV testing and counseling: WHO, UNAIDS re-affirm opposition to mandatory HIV testing

What we should be doing is to make people aware of the dangers involve so they can make a choice. The five Cs, and the key principles they entail, apply to all models of HTC services: Ensuring a supportive legal and policy framework within which the response is scaled up, including safeguarding the human rights of people accessing HTC and other services.

It is also possible to look for viral RNA which can betray the presence of the virus in the blood even if the patient has not yet developed antibodies.

They also include a range of other testing and counselling services, including the offer of testing in Mandatory testing settings by non-medical personnel, such as in community outreach, couples testing, door-to-door offer of testing, home-based testing and others.

Since most people, at least in Malawi marry to make children, they will surely have intercourse without condoms. People being tested for HIV must give informed consent to be tested. It will also curb the menace to an extent. The following key factors should be addressed simultaneously Ensuring expanded access through an ethical process for conducting HTC, including defining the purpose of the test and the risks and benefits to the person being tested.

In this context, the use of rapid point-of-care HIV tests should be expanded as this type of testing enables testing providers and counsellors to quickly provide test results to those tested. Adolescents require special attention to their needs through the provision of youth-friendly testing and counselling and follow-up services.

Owen Jere College Student I think it should be made mandatory. Prison populations are at increased risk for HIV, and testing prisoners can help prison officials make decisions about where prisoners should be housed, and what kinds of medical services they may need.

Testing must be performed and quality assurance measures followed according to internationally-recognized testing strategies, norms, and standards based on the type of epidemic. Rapid tests can also reduce the burden on laboratories and allow trained and supervised lay personnel to provide the testing and counselling.

There are a number of laws around the world which are designed to compel people to take HIV tests, ranging from laws which are meant to prevent the spread of the virus to newborns to discriminatory laws which are designed to exclude people with HIV from particular countries.

Opinions on government introduction of mandatory HIV testing

Some public health advocates argue that when used responsibly, mandatory testing can be a very powerful public health tool which can reduce the spread of HIV in at risk communities. These include provider-initiated testing and counselling PITCwhich involves the routine offer of testing to all people receiving medical care in high-prevalence settings and in clinical sites, such as sexual health and tuberculosis TB and drug treatment clinics, antenatal, childbirth, postpartum services and sites offering services to key at risk and vulnerable population, in all epidemic settings.

Public health strategies and human rights promotion are mutually reinforcing. They must be informed of the process for HTC, the services that will be available depending on the results, and their right to refuse testing.

Improving the healthcare infrastructure so quality services adhering to these principles can be sustained in the face of increased demand for testing, treatment, and related services and ensures effective monitoring and evaluation is in place.

What is Mandatory HIV Testing?

Reducing HIV-related stigma and discrimination at all levels, including within health-care settings. Mandatory testing Phiri Bus Driver HIV testing should not be mandatory because it would be infringing on the fundamental human rights of the people.

It will help people make informed choices. George Mtunduwatha Clinical Officer One of the strongest grounds is that mandatory HIV testing infringes upon the human rights of people living with HIV and threatens Mandatory testing three key principles of HIV testing namely consent, voluntary counselling and confidentiality Alan Kanyinji College Student I do not think force is the best way out.

It is actually against this background that government and its partners have come up with numerous strategies aimed at fighting against the pandemic. Addressing the implications of a positive test result, including the risk of discrimination and stigma and the importance of early enrolment in HIV treatment, care and follow-up services as needed.

One of them is the introduction of mandatory HIV tests among pregnant women in govrnment hospitals.States is being compromised by the push for mandatory testing, with its emphasis on language, math, and science skills. Based on a recent national survey of 1, social studies, civics, and government teachers, this report examines the effect of mandatory testing on the classroom use of current affairs news.

Statement on HIV testing and counseling: WHO, UNAIDS re-affirm opposition to mandatory HIV testing 28 November - HIV testing and counselling (HTC) is a critical and essential gateway to HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support services. Sep 01,  · The testing is usually performed at the request of the government, in government labs or facilities which have been approved by the government.

HIV testing should not be mandatory because it would be infringing on the fundamental human rights of the people. What we should be doing is to make people aware of the dangers involve so they can make a choice.

The government is stigmatizing people living with HIV/AIDS, which is not right. The mandatory radon testing requirements were established to provide the guardians and decision makers of the clients of these facilities with information on radon, so that they.

The Effectiveness of Mandatory-Random Student Drug Testing. Students involved in extracurricular activities and subject to in-school drug testing reported less substance use than comparable students in high schools without drug testing, according to a new evaluation released today by the Institute of Education Sciences.

Mandatory testing
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