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The cylinder head gasket is metallic multilayer type to ensure maximum reliability. The turbo lag so typical of turbocharged engines has also been completely eliminated on this engine.

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Engine turbocharging is achieved by means of a Garrett variable geometry turbocharger electronically controlled and complemented by an intercooler that ensures prompt acceleration at low speed. With a few pleasant surprises: In other words, a 5 cylinder engine with the smooth running of a six cylinder and the fuel consumption of a four cylinder unit.

For anyone who can fall in love with a good-looking, luxurious car and the unmistakable throb of an engine that is reminiscent of great, powerful Lancias of the past such as the Aurelia. A turbocharged engine works with a lower rpm and higher load for the same speed.

The credit for this goes to a power unit that balances torque at low speed and maximum power with outstanding panache.

Lancia THESIS CONNECT Owner's Manual

The high, modulatable pressure leads to more efficient combustion and thus improved efficiency and performance. The Lancia heritage - The Lambda Sophisticated engines The Lancia Thesis is well aware of its status and when on the road offers all the performance one would expect from a big prestige saloon.

The device also controls the variable valve timing system, turbo boost level and activation of the cooling solenoids and air conditioning compressor. Levels offered by engines around the two litre mark are absolutely outstanding when compared with engines of the same size offered by the competition.

Altogether, the version driven by the 3. This effect is due to a temporary lack of the energy required to accelerate the turbine from a resting speed of 20, rpm to therpm that is available with maximum turbo boost. Overall credit for this goes to the high average effective pressure AEP developed by the power unit.

The Lancia Thesis 2. The second feature pilot injection ensures a great reduction in combustion noise. The pistons come with an omega shaped combustion chamber while the valves are operated by an overhead camshaft.

Lancia Thesis Service Repair Manuals on Motor Era

The main data are as follows: This combination of attributes is certainly not usual in this type of car. Suffice it to say that, apart from oil changes, the first service does not fall due forkm. Who will buy it The Lancia Thesis 3. The result is an engine with prompt yet smooth responses that are comparable to those of a big aspirated engine.

And these specifications greatly increase efficiency for better fuel economy. The intake manifold is variable length V. These are as follows: Car handling and agility are also important. This solution brings benefits in terms of fuel consumption and emissions and also when it comes to driving satisfaction.

Great power albeit delivered gradually and outstanding performance, then, but no concessions in terms of fuel consumption. As far as the driver is concerned, this means a Lancia Thesis that is a greater roadster yet also agile and easy to handle if necessary.

Who will buy it The Lancia Thesis 2. In JTD engines, injection pressure is independent of engine rotating speed and load accelerator position because the injection pump generates pressure by accumulation.

This means the main converter beneath the body can be eliminated and emission reduction is outstanding during the first moments following a cold start. These two features bring great benefits to the driver. Customers who want a comfortable, luxurious car that can be run at a reasonable cost and ensure the same driving satisfaction as a petrol engine.

Everything else comes from the engines.

Lancia Thesis

The throttle is electrically controlled by the engine management control unit. On the Lancia Thesis, the thermodynamic efficiency of this power unit is combined with a smooth, gradual turbo action able to assure outstanding comfort with scintillating performance comparable to that of a far bigger aspirated engine.

For people who do not like to be second to anyone, even on the road. Other important engineering features include: Examples include hydraulic tappets, an automatic timing belt tensioner, long-life sparkplugs, a self-adaptive fuel metering and idle speed adjustment system and automatic diagnosis of all main components and functions.

A highly rigid engine mount and lighter pistons also make the power unit very noiseless.Lancia Thesis, Repair manuals, Italian, MB, Motore. Lancia THESIS CONNECT Manuals & User Guides. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Lancia THESIS CONNECT Car Receiver. Database contains 1 Lancia THESIS CONNECT Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Owner's manual.

Werkstatt-/Reparaturanleitung für den Lancia Thesis. Diese CD enthält für alle Aggregate und Teile komplette Aus- und Einbau- sowie überholungsanleitungen.

In order to get a comprehensive Lancia service manual, your best bet is to download one free of charge from this site and print off as many copies as you will need. this way, you’ll always have the information to hand when you need it.

lancia delta integrale service repair workshop manual download lancia delta integrale service pdflancia delta - wikipedialancia delta owner's handbook manual pdf download. lancia delta specialists walkers garage, lancia delta lancia thesis owner's handbook manual pdf download. Lancia Thesis description of the catalogue: The program contains the detailed and full description of repair and diagnostics of all units of the automobile, including detailed electric schemes, the moments of inhalings, process of assembly and disassembly of the engine and other units and units, body sizes for an extract of a body, detailed repair transmission automatic and manual.

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Lancia thesis service manual
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