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There were only a few times that someone spoke Arabic to me and thankfully again my gracious host quickly translated for me. I first asked her how about the different languages in her culture, she Intercultural experiences essay, that most people in her culture speak Spanish but there is no national language of Mexico.

Another similarity between the American and Hispanic culture is they are both High-Power distance cultures meaning they both have power concentrated in a few people such as a political party. I began researching Muslim to familiarize myself with some of the basic norms of the culture. The differences between the language spoken in the American culture and Hispanic culture is in the American culture the most spoken language is English while in the Hispanic culture the most spoken language is Spanish otherwise known to those of the culture as Espanol Mexicano, meaning Mexican Spanish.

I thought they believed and worshipped a completely different being than I did. This is similar to the Hispanic culture because Intercultural experiences essay type of cuisine you eat depends on your standard of living and what part of Mexico you were brought up in. And believe in saving time,investing time, spending time, filling time, and wasting time.

She then took me to the wudu to show me how they cleanse before prayers. When I arrived I had brought a scarf with me but was unsure of if I would need it since I was not of the Muslim faith, but I wanted to be respectful.

Get Access Intercultural Experience Essay Sample When given the task of placing myself in a cultural environment that I was unfamiliar with, I thought long and hard of where to go. While in the Hispanic culture, Family comes first always and their profession comes second.

A similarity between the Hispanic and American culture is that both cultures are low context cultures meaning that people are expected to be direct and say what they mean. For example one culture may see the passion and meaning in a piece of art whereas another culture may see the piece of art as meaningless.

Another similarity between the American and Hispanic culture is when it comes to cuisine in the American culture it depends on your standard of living and what region you live in on what type of food you eat.

And this experience made me realize how different we all really are. My reaction to what I heard, saw, and experienced is I never really thought about the differences between cultures. The difference between the music in the Hispanic and American cultures are in the Hispanic culture they mainly have Mariachi style which is a variety of folk music.

I researched where my local mosque was and found their service time was on Fridays at noon. She said the door is always open and to come anytime and she would love to teach me.

Amal let me know that it was okay to greet but never touch a man. I looked at the controversies that are in my present society. I know now so many of my misconceptions were so very, very, wrong and I am glad to have done this experience to learn of my mistakes.Intercultural Experience Essay Sample.

When given the task of placing myself in a cultural environment that I was unfamiliar with, I thought long and hard of where to go. Read this essay on Intercultural Experience.

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Intercultural Experience

Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". Free intercultural communication papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned Well, after contemplating on the sociocultural experiences I chose to study—attending a Sunday worship service at the local Nazarene church and arraignments at the Juneau Court House—I believe that a person's idea of her or his.

An essay or paper on Intercultural experiences. My most memorable intercultural experience occurred among my coworkers at a New York financial services company. When I first started working there, being Guyanese I continued to follow my passion for cricket.

My male coworkers, football enthusiasts. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Intercultural Experience.

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