Illegal bunkery

What criteria were met by the people controlling the oil blocks? It was published some time ago. Those who export 80 per cent of the stolen crude oil are not poor people.

July Related posts: But then, let us define how we live. Such regulations need to be identified, reviewed and amended in consultation with key participants in the industryin line with prevailing economic realities. The researchers held consultations with the people and leaders of Niger Delta communities, while over persons directly connected to the illegal siphoning of crude oil and artisanal were interviewed, while top officials of the leading International Oil Companies IOCsNNPC, the regulatory agencies, the JTF, police, navy and other security agencies in the Niger Delta and Abuja were also spoken with.

If you check, it is one of the reasons why the FG is not productive.

Update: 14 Arrested as Monjasa, Glencore Accused of Illegal Bunkering

The federal government should be made less attractive. An artisanal refining unit is a simplified petroleum distillation unit, which is conceptualised like a crude school science project.

Seven Found Guilty of Illegal Bunkering in Nigeria

On the high level political and military structures, three categories of operators were identified in the illegal bunkering and artisanal refining business: The samples were analysed at accredited laboratories in Nigeria and the results interpreted by an independent expert.

Consequently, most foreign vessels that come to Nigeria for the purpose of bunkering do so either as a matter of last resort How for do?

If you go into our bushes you will see their camps. Akwa- Ibom, Bayelsa or even Rivers produce so much oil and all of that money go to the central. But if the powers were with the state government they will be appropriately repaired.

He may be saying the bitter truth! A special judicial mechanism should be established to expedite prosecution of oil theft cases. After a while we saw the need to fashion out our own system of governance.

The DPR also has regional offices across the country, and maintains an office in each of the state-owned refineries and depots. Since most of the artisanal refining sites are located near the creeks, the refined products are usually transported through the waterways to the neighbouring towns and villages, while transportation of large volume of crude oil to mother ships offshore is done by the use of barges.

On some days, it lost more thanbarrels. These local environmental clean-up companies, which usually lack training and equipment, often expose their workers to serious health risks.

It will make your day. Why should they not when they are not supervised appropriately? The regulations are issued as guidelines, circulars, and standards to the industry. Among the many initiatives recommended by the researchers to mitigate illegal bunkering and refining, three specific areas that require immediate action were emphasised, including addressing the socio-economic foundation of illegal bunkering, through the attack on poverty and job creation targeted at the youths, who must be made to come out of the creeks.

Why Nigeria's restructuring is very necessary - former Delta SSG

There is also an urgent need to improve the transparency and effectiveness of government budget management spending, in order to reduce the diversion of funds into Illegal bunkery hands. Reducing illegal bunkering will not in itself necessarily improve government spending practices, but the diversion of revenues before they reach government coffers means that there is not even the possibility that these resources will be used for the public benefit.

The IBIA offers professional technical advice on bunkering. So we need to restructure our security system. Featured newsLocal news Comrade Ovouzorie Macaulay was secretary to Delta state government during the last tenure of former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan.

It is unlikely to Illegal bunkery jetties within any of the communities involved in illegal bunkering, without seeing piles of drums and rubber containers used for transporting the petroleum products.

There is a huge local and international market for the crude oil stolen from Nigeria. On illegal bunkering, see generally the information at www. The fight for control of illegal bunkering opportunities has also significantly escalated the violence in Delta State and worsened the human rights abuses suffered by its people.

Tens of thousands of inhabitants fled their homes and hid in the jungle for weeks during the May offensive against militants in Delta State.Illegal Logging: Background and Issues Summary Illegal logging is a pervasive problem throughout the world, affecting countries that produce, export, and import wood and wood products.

Illegal logging is generally defined as the harvest, transport, purchase, or sale of timber in violation of national laws. Illegal Oil Bunkering In Nigeria. Tweet. A man working at illegal oil refinery site pours oil under a locally made burner to keep the fire going, near river Nun in Nigeria's oil state of Bayelsa.

Akintunde Akinleye/REUTERS. view in dark mode. go to picture view in dark mode. Indeed, widespread illegal bunkering has led to control by armed bands over large areas in the oil-producing states.

While some armed groups claimed political objectives, others remained openly criminal; all armed groups intimidated and dominated the communities in the territory they controlled thereby undermining traditional leadership and social structures.

Effects of Illegal Oil Bunkering in Nigeria Matthew Pickin “Nigeria is the most challenging maritime security environment on Earth1.” Introduction A recent International Maritime Bureau (IMB) report has stated that piracy off the coast of West Africa is almost totally a Nigerian problem.

The Nation Nigeria; Exposing illegal bunkering, oil theft in the Niger Delta Social Context of Illegal Oil Bunkering and Artisanal Refining in the Niger Delta,” details how the economic.

“It is the only job we are doing,” said an illegal refiner who gave his name as Ibeci. “There is no other job.” The military, which has maintained a presence in the delta since the militant attacks, has begun targeting illegal refineries in the region.

Illegal bunkery
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