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The truth is, of course, that girls can be powerful and assertive, boys can be sensitive and artistic, and nothing is wrong with either of these positions, the old gender stereotypes, or anything in between. Achieving this goal will take action on many levels and in many venues.

The problem with unequal bias towards males and females will probably never vanish until each instructor is observed through surveillance cameras. Rather, general intelligence and other mental traits tend to be normally distributed within the group. For example, as a group, girls tend to be better at spelling than boys; by the end of high school, only 30 percent of boys spell better than the average girl.

Each instructor should be required to take a course on classroom dynamics, to eliminate classroom bias towards males and females. However, many sociologists also interpret this phenomenon as evidence of gender stratification—the hierarchical organization of a society in such a way that members of one gender have more access to wealth, prestige, and power than do the members of the other gender.

There is a difference in styles with men and women, even though both unequal.

Little boys, on the other hand, were told that the world was their oyster and were expected to do well in math and science and go on to become doctors, lawyers, and business leaders.

The issues were concerned with is male and female communication. Gender Differences in the Classroom Hidden Curriculum There are at least three potential reasons for the observed differences If one gender receives substantially different treatment in school than another gender and this differential treatment results in people of that gender being steered in a direction that makes it difficult for them to obtain higher-status and -income jobs, then the educational system has failed to provide equal opportunities for all.

For example, if the assumption is made that boys are inherently better in math and science than girls—the "nature" side of the argument—it might make sense to emphasize such subjects when teaching boys, set higher expectations for boys in these subjects, and encourage boys to go into careers that require this type of knowledge while doing the opposite for girls.

Boys tend to outnumber girls in remedial reading classes by a ratio of three to one and are twice as likely as girls to be underachievers by the time they reach high school.

More women end up in education and nursing; more men end up in engineering and computer science. However, just as not every girl is as smart as every other girl and not every boy is as smart as every other boy, all boys and all girls do not start out with the same intellectual capacities.

However, another factor in the pay gap between men and women is what subject they choose to study and, consequently, what field they choose to work in: Males tend to be the dominate ones in the classroom.

Overall, the most powerful explanation for pay gaps is not so much a failure to pay men and women equally for the same job.

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Most instructors feel that participation in the class encourages learning and help students shape their vocabulary though discipline and students also get more out of the classroom by engaging in discussion--become participants rather then being observers.

However, if in general girls and boys are equally likely to excel in subjects related to math and science, yet girls are found to do more poorly in these subjects at school, the conclusion might be drawn that there is something within the educational system that is causing the score differential—the "nurture" side of the argument.

Understanding the basics of this controversy is important to understanding how education may affect how the genders are taught and the expectations that teachers have in the classroom.

Classroom Management and Gender Differences - Essay Example

It is important to note that social stratification by gender is not exactly the same phenomenon as social stratification by race or ethnicity.

Therefore, to understand gender differences in the classroom, it is first important to understand to what degree intelligence and other mental capacities are inherently equal—or not—for both genders.

This attitude, however, is often better expressed in theory than in application. No matter the underlying causes for gender inequity in the classroom, however, it is important to give both males and females the education that they need, not only as a class but also as individuals within that class, in order to reach their full potential.

In her article of psychology of women she states how there are differences in attitudes towards males and females in the classroom. Girls are slightly more likely to graduate high school than are boys, and more women than men graduate from college and receive advanced degrees.

To be successful, however, it will be necessary to first achieve equity in the classroom.The tools you need to write a quality essay or term paper; Saved Essays. You Have Not Saved Any Essays.

Topics in this paper. Gender; Essays Related to Gender Differences in Communications.

1. Gender Equality in the Classroom/5(11). Gender Bias in the Classroom Essay - Gender Bias in the Classroom RESEARCH IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND THEORIES OF LEARNING Gender inequity is not only learned and accepted in the socialization process that starts at home, but is also present in the school environment form the very early years.

Gender Dynamics in the Classroom This Essay Gender Dynamics in the Classroom and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • December 19, • Essay • Words (2 Pages) • Views4/4(1).

Gender Dynamics in the Classroom

Keywords: gender and education sociology, education gender inequality Education is just as an important factor in a persons' life now as it was in the past.

Only, the difference between now and the past are the people that are able to receive a complete education. Teacher's attitudes can affect gender differences in the way they communicate to a girl or a boy in their classroom.

"Researchers have found that teachers interact differently with students of similar gender than they do with students of opposite gender/5(3). The aim of the essay “Classroom Management and Gender Differences” is to analyze classroom Management, which is a term that has a vastdefinition.

Gender differences in the classroom essay
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