Furnished room

Purdy in one of those subterranean retreats where housekeepers forgather and the worm dieth seldom. They trod noiselessly upon a stair carpet that its own loom would have forsworn. He was sure that since her disappearance from Furnished room this great, water—girt city held her somewhere, but it was like a monstrous quicksand, shifting its particles constantly, with no foundation, its upper granules of to—day buried to—morrow in ooze and slime.

It may be that statues of the saints had stood there, Furnished room it was not difficult to conceive that imps and devils had dragged them forth in the darkness and down to the Furnished room depths of some furnished pit below.

At each turn of the stairs were vacant niches in the wall. To the door of this, the twelfth house whose bell he had rung, came a housekeeper who made him think of an unwholesome, surfeited worm that had eaten its nut to a hollow shell and now sought to fill the vacancy with edible lodgers.

At each turn of the stairs were vacant niches in the wall. And then he traversed the room like a hound on the scent, skimming the walls, considering the corners of the bulging matting on his hands Furnished room knees, rummaging mantel and tables, the curtains and hangings, the drunken cabinet in the corner, for a visible sign, unable to perceive that she was there beside, around, against, within, above him, clinging to him, wooing him, calling him so poignantly through the finer senses that even his grosser ones became cognisant of the call.

The furniture was chipped and bruised; the couch, distorted by bursting springs, seemed a horrible monster that had been slain during the stress of some grotesque convulsion. The rich odor clung to him and wrapped him around.

On his twelfth attempt, one Mrs. The threadbare space in the rug in front of the dresser told that lovely women had marched in the throng. He burrowed in crevices and corners, and found corks and cigarettes.

A splattered stain, raying like the shadow of a bursting bomb, witnessed where a hurled glass or bottle had splintered with its contents against the wall. As the housekeeper moved away he put, for the thousandth time, the question that he carried at the end of his tongue.

She tells her friend that she has a new renter for the room. The story is also found in many ghost-story anthologies. She also stresses the class of her operation by telling the young man about the elegant tenants who had recently occupied this room. Do fill up your glass again, Mrs. But once he found in a fold of the matting a half-smoked cigar, and this he ground beneath his heel with a green and trenchant oath.

But was it not the sound that had touched, that had caressed him?

The Furnished Room

Purdy ever rented a room to a Miss Eloise Vashner, a would-be singer looking for a stage career? It seemed to have become vegetable; to have degenerated in that rank, sunless air to lush lichen or spreading moss that grew in patches to the staircase and was viscid under the foot like organic matter.

Share Artwork by Gerry Alanguilan inspired by O. Retrieved September 20,from http: She invites this prospective tenant into her home to inspect a recently vacated room. The gas is here, and you see there is plenty of closet room.

He who had loved her best had tried to find her. McCool, with intense admiration. Yes, they comes and they goes. It never stays idle long. A splattered stain, raying like the shadow of a bursting bomb, witnessed where a hurled glass or bottle had splintered with its contents against the wall.

The young tenant in the chair allowed these thoughts to file, soft—shod, through his mind, while there drifted into the room furnished sounds and furnished scents.

The room opened up a week ago.The furnished room received the young man with a certain warmth. Or it seemed to receive him warmly.

It seemed to promise that.

The Furnished Room Summary

here he could rest. There was a bed and there were two chairs with ragged covers. Between the. new york rooms & shares - craigslist. CL. favorite this post Sep 13 Big furnished room for working nosmoking male only avail no couples $ (f train st 2 blocks away nrstjohns jfk owner utilinc pri) map hide this posting restore restore this posting.

$ 1, 2. rig, outfit, deck out. Furnish, appoint, equip all refer to providing something necessary. Furnish emphasizes the idea of providing necessary or customary services or appliances in living quarters: to furnish board; a room meagerly furnished with a bed, desk, and a wooden chair.

Appoint (now found only in well-appointed) means to. The Furnished Room: The Furnished Room, short story by O. Henry, published serially in and then collected in The Four Million (). Set in New York City, it is a melodramatic tale about a young man who, after a futile search for his missing girlfriend, commits suicide in his rented room, not knowing that it is.

"The Furnished Room" is a short story by the American author William Sydney Porter, who wrote under the pseudonym of O. Henry. It was first published in the New York World on August 14, and was later republished in the anthology The Four Million.

But let the same person be led into a room tastefully furnished, and he would be startled into an exclamation of pleasure and surprise. View in context. I therefore felt disposed to undertake the task, provided documents of sufficient extent and .

Furnished room
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