Business plan mobile mammography bus

After receiving a mammogram at van days, each spokesperson talked about it personally on the radio or in a newspaper editorial. The YWCA recruited local agencies to assist business plan mobile mammography bus on-site health insurance eligibility verification and enrollment during van days.

After registration, a letter was sent to participants with details on physician appointment time for their physical exam as well as meeting time to complete an application for health insurance.

That convenience often equals increased compliance, which can lead to early detection and better outcomes. This can be most effective if utilizing a collaborative partnership approach that includes input from all invested stakeholders, including community-based organizations, academic institutions, state and local government, and the medical community.

Hidden costs of mobile mammography: CONCLUSION Providing mobile mammography services through trusted, community-based service organizations can be effective in increasing access and decreasing barriers to screening hard-to-reach populations.

The results of the pilot indicate that the project served as an important linkage between medically underserved women and the health-care system, as indicated by the high percentages of women who enrolled into the WHN Program and entered the health-care system to receive follow-up care for abnormal mammograms.

Introduction Mammography is considered to be one of the most effective ways for early detection of breast cancer.

Project implementation Once the dates of the van days were agreed upon by all parties—May 12, ; August 25, ; November 3, ; March 29, ; and May 3, —the process of recruiting and enrolling women began. What can be done to turn this around?

Footnotes Articles for From the Schools of Public Health highlight practice- and academic-based activities at the schools.

Bonnie's Bus

We recommend that cancer centers with mobile mammography units partner with communities interested in piloting the use of this mobile service to serve low SES and medically underserved women in their communities. And, the mobile clinic can also be viewed as a marketing tool for the facility and community partnerships with whom you are affiliated.

The group marketed the van days via press releases and paid advertisements through a multipronged media campaign that included a variety of Spanish-language print and radio sources.

A staff member at the YWCA was the point of contact for patients and worked closely with each patient to identify any barriers to follow-up care and offer resources and emotional support as needed.

Mobile Mammography Coach

There were also some limitations in the data collection process. In addition to the van day planning, staff at the HSPH led the process of drafting an evaluation tool, including objectives for the events and data measures for each objective. Project planning and coordination Once organizational involvement and roles were established, the emphasis on developing a community-based, culturally appropriate screening project began.

Mobile mammography supplies a less time consuming and convenient access to screening.We manufacture high-quality and unique mobile units that can be used for a variety of mobile medical, mobile mammography, mobile dental, mobile lab, and more.

Bonnie's Bus is a mobile mammography unit that travels across West Virginia, offering breast cancer screening in a comfortable, convenient environment. The Bus serves women who have private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, as well as under or uninsured women who qualify for the West Virginia Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program.

Seton’s Big Pink Bus will provide Mobile Mammography to those that qualify at the BCRC’s Main Office Spicewood Springs Rd, Building 1, Suite AllHoward Mammography ConsultingGroup partners has worked on 3rd and D Streets, SW, Washington, D.C.

during the past three summers, as a Howard Mammography Consulting student intern at Bethune-Cookman on Vermont Ave., NW, Washington D.C., and as a Howard Mammography Consulting tutor for Moorman and Davis, Ltd.

SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP - Mobile Mammography Welcome to the Mobile Healthcare Association dedicated website section for the Mobile Mammography SIG. Written by long-experienced mobile mammography managers, this content is designed with organizations in mind that are planning to launch a new mobile mammography program.

Our Mission in Motion is an effort by Saint Thomas Health and is supported through grants from Susan G. Komen Greater Nashville. This program has provided Middle Tennessee with the first Mobile Mammography Coach. The coach will provide mammography for underserved populations in 16 Middle Tennessee counties.

Business plan mobile mammography bus
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