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The bombing of Hiroshima, in conjunction with the entry of the Soviet Union was more than enough to force Japan to surrender, and thusly, the bombing of Nagasaki cannot be justified. Truman claimed in one of his diaries that the objective was to target military and army forces.

Another reason why America was unjustified in dropping the atomic bombs was that fact that Japan was said to surrender a few months after the first warning was given. This relationship of dominancewhereby the US hands Japan harsh ultimatums is arguably one of the reasons why Japan refused to surrender inand will be discussed in depth as the essay progresses.

Of course this is a good thing, but a benefit this big in exchange for the lives of the innocent? The invasion of Iwo Jima and Okinawa resulted in severe casualties, yet the Allies heard no talk of negotiations. However, arguably it is harder to argue on the side of the Allies when it comes to determining the necessity of the second bomb on Nagasaki.

Year of Decisions, Garden City 3. However, the US failed to hear a response in the delegated amount of time, and thusly, launched a second bomb on Nagasaki, resulting in the eventual surrender of Japan. The US implemented harsh economic sanctions, resulting in an ultimatum for Japan.

Secretary of War, Henry L. From analysing both sides of the argument i believe that the US did need to drop the first bomb in order to display to Japan that they did not have any other option but to surrender, however, the dropping of the second bomb was definitely not needed.

Japan would soon realize that hope was fading away and in order to save the lives of their people and soldiers, surrendering would be the only option.

This shift in power however was not supported by the UScreating a poisonous relationship between the two nations that would end in catosptrophy. On the 6th of Augustthe Enola Gay was released over the city of Hiroshima12, an unprecedented attack resulting in mass scale destruction.

However, Japans failure to achieve total victory meant that the Japanese unified a nation against them, which then mobilised its mighty economy into a war machine that eventually defeated Japan. Consequently the US began to evaluate the implementation of the A bomb as a necessary method in order to bring the war to a conclusion.

Atomic bomb Essay

Unknown to the Japanese this was a reference to the A-Bomb. Thousands of innocent lives were destroyed and thousands of others suffered the lifelong effects of radiation poisoning and cancer.

War The few who did survive had to cope with the devastation of losing limbs, witnessing family and neighbors dying, and loved ones suffering in agony.

Atomic Bomb

This letter he wrote to Truman should have brought upon new ideas regarding the attack and our involvement. Clearly innocent people would be in danger. Soldiers were put to serve and fght for a country, using an atomic bomb as a defense to save the lives of those who are put to fght in exchange for a surrender that also took the lives of women and children ninvolved is malicious and not a Justified act of warfare.

Truman even comments on how terrible of a weapon the bomb was yet he still ordered for it to be used. Stimson wrote to Truman about the casualties of the war. Doak, Nationalism in Modern Japan, Koninklike9. However, Japans militaristic attitude throughout the war consistently affirmed the US belief that Japan would never surrender of their own accord, and the A bomb was a necessary action in order to conclude the war.

Children were left orphaned and suffered as they watched their parents burn and die in front of their eyes. Also, if the Japanese were aware of how disastrous the atomic bomb was and its capable effects surrendering would be the only option in order to protect the lives of their people and land.

The Japanese demolished the creed of European and white superiority that had been the bastion of European colonialism in Asia, completely reshaping the political dynamics of Asia. Consequently, on the 14th of August, after failed attempts of safeguarding his position, the Emperor accepted the Allied terms.- The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb On December 7,Japan bombed the United States naval facility known as Pearl Harbor.

This attack brought the United States into World War Two. History Atomic Bomb Essay - In early August atomic bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

These two bombs. 4. Atomic Bomb Essay Hiroshima: Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Atom Bomb. History 11 October 4, The Decision of the Atomic bomb August 6,after 44 months of brutal combat in the Pacific, a B Bomber Plane, carried the most devastating weapon created by man to this date.

Atomic Bomb Essay - Atomic Bombing Of Hiroshima On the quiet morning of August 6,the United States shocked the world by dropping an atomic bomb over the city of Hiroshima, Japan. ( Hiroshima was a major industrial city with an estimated population of almostpeople.

A B bomber was loaded with the. He expressed how inhumane dropping an atomic bomb would be. Another reason why America was unjustified in dropping the atomic bombs was that fact that Japan was said to surrender a few months after the first warning was given.

During the war, over 65 cities were destroyed already. ESSAY SAMPLE written strictly according to your. Furthermore, The American public was overwhelmingly behind the atomic bombing of Japan, with the bomb receiving an 85% approval 20rating, proving that within the context of the disaster, it was not considered to be as controversial as it is with the power of hindsight.

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Atomic bomb 7 essay
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