A discussion on the maquiladora industry

The United States is the primary source for their inputs and the primary destination market for their sales. Table 3 describes the distribution of industry employment across regions.

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One constraint on their growth was the maquiladora program itself.


So while the official Maquila Decree was not untilthe discontinuation of the Bracero Program certainly could have had a tremendous influence on the creation of Maquilas. To put these wages in context, it is helpful to compare them to wages for U.

OAPs reduce the cost to U. For a good history of maquiladoras prior tosee J. Most of the plants are not unionized. Although these recommendations were not legally binding, they were influential in the public sphere.

Female homicides in Ciudad Juárez

Though NAFTA had not begun in Mexico, it is meant to phase out ejidos or communal lands used by the majority of indigenous peasants for subsistence agriculture. Mexico is an increasingly urban country. After Mexico opened its economy to trade, maquiladoras lead the ensuing export boom. Each of these stages differs considerably in its factor intensity.

I identify three potential disadvantages to having a large maquila sector, all of which relate to the volatility of national income: Second, it allows managers based in the United States to monitor production operations in Mexico. But available evidence suggests this is not the case.

Sincethe country has had three currency crises, periodic bouts of high inflation, and several severe macroeconomic contractions. While all maquiladoras contract with foreign firms to obtain inputs and distribute outputs, not all are subsidiaries of multinational enterprises.

Figure 2 shows average hourly wages in US dollars for production workers in Mexican maquiladoras in border states and in other states for the period During this same period, employment in maquiladoras rose fromworkers to 1.

The claims in this article need to be fact-checked and references supplied. Maquiladoras may be more responsive than other exporters to changes in their costs or in the demand for their output.

This article mentions lobbying in Please take a moment to review my edit. But many other industries, such as petrochemicals, cement, or commercial aircraft do not. One of the major goals of the program was to provide employment for displaced braceros and others living along the Mexican northern border.

For adultsthe average age is 33 years.The term "maquiladora industry", which is commonly used to refer to the discussion of the term "maquiladora" and its various applications, see Jesœs Tamayo y JosØ Luis FernÆndez, Zonas fronterizas: MØxico-Estados Unidos THE ORIGINS OF THE MAQUILA INDUSTRY IN MEXICO.

Maquiladoras, Air Pollution, and Human Health in Ciudad Juárez and El Paso Discussion papers are research materials circulated by their authors for purposes of information and discussion. They have The maquiladora industry is partly responsible for the region’s growth. Ciudad Juárez is.

detailed discussion of the maqui-ladora industry in Cd. Juárez and Tijuana.) As seen in Table 4, which shows maquiladora industry employment The maquiladora industry’s history of positive growth in Mexico establishes it as an activity of ever-increasing.

Detailed discussion Revenue Rule. the publication of this rule is welcome news to the maquiladora industry, as it provides needed flexibility to the productive income test.


Also, the Revenue Rule provides companies with additional certainty and, for those maquiladoras that were not able to restructure by 1 July, additional time to define. Detailed discussion Decree. Additional deduction for certain employee wages and benefits.

The following rules relate to the maquiladora industry. Transition rule for meeting the productive activity test. Under the tax reform for% of the “productive activity” of a maquiladora must be from maquiladora activities in order to.

The WMTA was founded in when a group of binational business people involved in the maquiladora industry started meeting regularly to discuss common concerns. The WMTA’s roots predatehowever, as in the ’s and ’s many Baja California maquiladoras operators met informally to share their experiences in Mexico.

A discussion on the maquiladora industry
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